How to Earn a Make Your Own Badge

As a Girl Scout Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, you can earn a Make Your Own badge once a year (September to September). Choose an idea or topic, write the five steps (requirements) for learning skills, and complete the steps. Then, have fun designing a badge that is uniquely yours. Once you’ve earned your Make Your Own badge, why not provide service to others on the topic you now know so much about?

Place the badge you’ve made on the front of your sash or vest, as it is an official national badge. You can also share your “Learn and Earn” stories with others by creating a personalized certificate to download and print. 


Developing Steps to Earn the Badge 

Just as with all Girl Scout badges, there are five steps to earning a Make Your Own.

  1. Pick a topic. Decide what you’d like to know how to do and whether you want to earn this badge alone or with your group or troop. Take a look at the Awards Log in your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to make sure a badge on this topic doesn’t already exist. You could also view badges through Badge Explorer.

    As you begin, ask yourself: What do I want to know how to do?

    Example: I want to learn how to rock climb. 
  2. Learn. Think of this slogan: “Learn to Earn.” When you’ve learned something really well, you’ll have earned your badge. So challenge yourself! Decide what you need to do to explore your topic, then make a plan. Speak to an adult who is willing to help you learn your skill (can be any trusted adult) and sign off when you’ve fulfilled requirements. 

    As you begin, ask yourself: What do I need to know?

    Example: I need to learn about types of rock climbing, equipment and clothing, places to climb, and safety. 
  3. Do. Put your learning into action. Building a new skill takes time, often weeks or months. Keep practicing until you know your skill very well. 
    As you begin, ask yourself: How can I learn this new skill?

    Example: I can go to a place that has a climbing wall, work with an instructor outdoors, or join a rock-climbing club.
  4. Share. When you’re done, talk to your adult helper about your new skill. Ask your adult helper to sign off on how you earned your badge.

    As you begin, ask yourself: What did I learn? 

    Example: I learned about preparation, then logged in 20 hours of safe climbing with a buddy and instructor. I can give service by teaching others about the Girl Scout respect or “leave no trace” approach when rock climbing outdoors. 
  5. Make your badge. With an adult, create an account, and then write down what you’ve learned while earning the badge. This will appear in your certificate. Then, look through all the symbols in the art gallery. Pick the images that show your accomplishment or how you feel about it. Then, have fun designing your badge! 

Once you’ve purchased your badge, it will take about 14 days to arrive. While you wait, you can invite family and friends to view your badge online. You can also download and print your personalized certificate.

Congratulations on earning your Make Your Own badge!



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